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My Animate! Miami Cosplay by sanlobo
My Animate! Miami Cosplay
Just thought I submit this, I'm going to Animate this November with my friend and I hope to have lots of fun.
Stage 9: Fallen

A Los Guerrero break away group hiding out in an abandon airport warehouse was preparing for a revenge attack on a large, Faithmarian missionary camp. Their leader was standing in front of his soldiers. "We are going to come in from the west, as soon as you see anyone; kill' em on sight. When the gunfire starts they are going to start flee in all directions. To make sure that no one escapes," he pulled out a marker and started drawing on the layout of the missionary camp. "Geuvara squad and Sang Diablos will hid in the buildings and kill anyone who will try to escape." he said. Many of his soldier were ready for the mission; wanting revenge for the death of their leader General Guerrero. "LOS GUERRERO'S PARA SIEMPRE!" Cried out the leader. Feeling a sense of determination and loyalty; everyone chanted after their new leader.

"KABOOOM" the corridor of the warehouse exploded; killing some of the guards who were patrolling. As the flames cleared armored cars entered: It was the Brotherhood of Lycans. The terrorist scattered and fought back. "Kill anyone who resist, but we need their leader alive." said the Brother who was leading the assault. "BANGBANGBANG KATKATKAT" When the armored cars stopped; the back doors opened and more Brothers stormed out and joined the fight. "IT'S THE BROTHERHOOD!" screamed out a terrorist. When he heard; the breakaway leader ran towards a storage unit. "KEEP ADVANCING MY BROTHERS!" The Brotherhood were winning the fight. Los Guerrero's tried to flank them from the catwalks, but were taken out by grenades. They were advancing fast and Los Guerrero's new the couldn't hold them off and they soon dropped their guns and surrendered. The break away leader was desperately trying to deletes some files on a computer. "C'MON DAMMIT C'MON!" he frantically said.

The storage unit door opened and the Brotherhood had their guns aimed at him. He frighteningly looked at them: feeling cold sweat streaming down his face. Trying to hide his fear, he began to talk. "Even the death of General Guerrero will not stop the end of the royal families." he said with an angry face. "But our crusade will be won." said one of the Brothers. Two of them apprehended the break away leader and another looked into his computer and stopped the files from being deleted. "Looks like we hit the jackpot." he said. "Call Commander. Let him know what we found."

"Bueno, look through the files and see if there is anything about Diego." Roberto spoke through the phone. He hung up dropped the phone on his bed. "Roberto hermono abra la puerta." somebody yelled outside. Recognizing the voice; Roberto burst with excitement. "ALRIGHT YOU GUYS MADE IT!" he said and walked to his door. He opened it and saw his older brother, his wife: Gina and their one year old G.E.L son: Tito being held by his mother. "Hello little brother." the man outside said. "Ricardo, so good to see you," Roberto gladly said "Please come in." Ricardo and his family entered inside and took a seat at the dining table. "So what brings you guys here in Japan?" he asked. Ricardo smiled and looked through the window. "We came here to bring the word of God to the Japanese. We come to bring Jesus Christ to them." answered Ricardo. Being please to here that; He looked at his nephew. Tito stared at his uncle with wonder. "You want to hold Tito Roberto." asked Gina. "Sure." he answered and stretched out his arms. Gently Gina handed her son to Roberto. Roberto and Tito stared at each other: Roberto with a happy face, but Tito looked with continuous wonder.

"So where are you two headed?" asked Roberto. "We are first going to Narita to meet up with other fellow missionaries, then we are going to Shinjiku," Ricardo answered, "Roberto we need you to look after Tito while we are gone." Roberto was hesitant. "Ricardo this infant has not even learn to use his instincts; nevertheless control his War Lycan abilities. Not to mention we are already receiving hate for just being Faithmarian alone; it could get worse of they found out if we are G.E.L." said Roberto. He was worried of what was going to happen; fearing it was going to put Tito's life in jeopardy. "Roberto I understand that you are worried, but we can only trust you. por favor, cuidar de él mientras que nos hayamos ido." said Ricardo. Roberto was still hesitant, but he knew that they had to go on this missions trip. "Alright I'll baby-sit him." he said. Ricardo and Gina were please to hear him accept and gave him a stroller and a bag filled with Tito's toys and supplies. "Thank you so much Roberto." said Gina.

Gina and Ricardo were outside. Tito was sitting in his stroller with Roberto holding the handles. Gina bent over and kissed Tito goodbye. "Good bye my love. Mommy is going to be back soon." Gina said. "Thanks again for doing this Roberto. We'll be back soon." said Ricardo. Roberto shook his head and watched as his Brother and his wife went inside their taxi. "Okay Tito first lets put this hat on you." said Roberto and put a blue hat on Tito to cover his wolf ears and covered his legs and tail with a blue blanket. Tito watched in amusement and giggled. He smiled at his nephew. "Alright now lets go meet some friends of mine." Roberto gladly said. As they strolled in the schoolyard; many of the school girls noticed Tito and adored him. "OHHH isn't he adorable." "Aw what a cute little baby." "He's just so precious." Roberto kept hearing those things While Tito look around; curious about the world around him. He looked at Tito and smile. "Tito seems to be enjoying all the attention. I can imagine how the girls are gonna react.

"OOOOOOOHHHH WHAT A CUTE LITTLE THING!" all the girls said simultaneously. Milly, Kallen, Shirley, and Nina ganged up around Tito while he was still in his stroller. "Aw Roberto he's such a darling. I just want to tickle his tummy." said Shirley as she proceeded to tickle Tito. Feeling her finger gently, scratching his stomach; Tito giggled. "Ladies this is my nephew Tito. He'll be with us while his parents are out on a mission." said Roberto "Roberto he is just sweet. How old is he?" asked Milly "He's only a year old," said Roberto, "Girls there is something you have to know; Tito is a G.E.L like me, but he is way too young to be able to control his ability to transform. So it is easy to tell if he is a War Lycan." Soon Roberto's phone started ringing in his pocket. He took it out and answered it. "Talk to me." he said. "Roberto it's Rojas, listen we just raided a Los Guerrero break away group. We managed to some info on Diego and something else you might be interested in." he said. "Great, e-mail them to me." said Roberto.

Roberto hanged up his phone and frown. "Is something wrong Roberto?" asked Shirley. "No, everything is okay, just Rojas helping me with something." Roberto answered. Tito began to cry, because he was hungry. "WAAAWAAAA!" "What's the matter little guy? You hungry?" said Roberto as he looked inside Tito's baby bag. Pulling out his baby bottle, Roberto handed it to Tito. He looked at it and he raised his little arms to receive his bottle. "Hey Milly, you think I can have they day off from classes?" Roberto asked. "For you and this cutey: anything." Milly replied.

Everyone went to class: all except Roberto who was still in the Student Council Room with Tito napping in his stroller. Roberto was having trouble sleeping with his job of leading a Counter Terrorism Company and he had lots to do. His eyes became to heavy to keep open and he fell asleep on the sofa. As he was sleeping; Arthur began sneaking around Tito's stroller. He was curious and he slightly jumped in. Tito awoke and looked around and saw Arthur trying to get on top of him. He marveled at the feline and tried to catch him, but Arthur quickly leaped away from Tito. Tito glared at Arthur trying to figure out how to catch. He struggle, but the gentle restraints from his stroller was holding him back. Tito continued to glare at Arthur as he licked his paw and made quiet whining noises. From his struggle; the buckle popped open and Tito was freed. Slowly climbing off his stroller; Tito made it to the floor and crawled towards Arthur. His blanket fell off and his tailed was revealed. As he crawled towards Arthur; Arthur hissed at him and ran away.

Tito was still persistent to catch him; continuously crawling towards Arthur. Arthur ran towards the door, which opened. Arthur ran out. Milly walked inside not noticing Tito crawling outside behind Arthur. She saw Roberto sleeping on the couch and grinned. She grabbed a pencil and slowly walked towards him. She crept closer to him,, hoping to trick him. "You're such an amateur mommy." Roberto said surprising Milly. "Aw C'mon Roberto." Milly reacted, "Hey Los Lobos Santos trained me to be my best." Roberto opening his eyes and slowly getting up looked at Tito's stroller. "Um where's Tito?" Roberto asked. Milly looked at the stroller and then started scanning the whole room. "I don't know." Milly answered. Roberto began to worry. "Tito Tito TITO!" Quickly getting of the sofa and began looking around. As he searched under the table, he heard giggling sounds from the hallway. "Milly he's outside, I can hear him." He said and he ran to the door.

Tito was closing in on Arthur. Arthur just looked; meowing at him. The two were next to each other. Tito being curious examined the feline, wondering what he is. Soon another automated door opened in front of them. "What the? How did you two get here?" a lady said. Tito looked at her and Arthur ran toward her direction. "What's your name little guy?" she asked, holding Tito in her arms.

Roberto and Milly began searching in the hallway. Using his keen sense of hearing and smell; Roberto was closing in on Tito's location. "Milly this way." he said, running down the hall. "I think that where the Fantasy Seduction club is suppose to meet." Milly said. "Oh no not them." Roberto sorrowfully said. "Ooooo what a cute little thing." "Isn't a G.E.L" I never thought baby G.E.L's will be this adorable." All the girls of the Fantasy seduction club surrounded Tito, adoring him. "I wonder who's his mommy and daddy." said one girl. Roberto entered to see if his nephew is in there and he was right. All the girls stared at him as Roberto looked at his nephew. "Eee Hola ladies. I'm here to get my nephew." Roberto nervously said. "Well come and get him big boy," said a girl wearing a dominatrix outfit, "Or are you just here to have a good time." Roberto was hesitant. It was against his Christian faith to partake in any sexual immorality. "I'm just here to get the baby." Roberto said. "Why don't stay and we can get a little cozy?" said another girl wearing a revealing Brazilian Bikini. Roberto was still reluctant, he picked up Tito and walk toward to the door. "I'm good thank you. Right now I have to go." he said. "Meow" Arthur ran towards Roberto.

Wanting to get away from temptation, Roberto opened the door and ran out. Arthur ran towards Milly and jumped in her arms. Roberto was relieved to be out and took a deep breathe. "Why do you guys even have that kind of club?" He asked. Milly nervously giggled. His cellphone started ringing again. "Now who could it be now?" complained Roberto. He saw that it was Shirley. "It's Shirley." he said. "Why would Shirley call you?" Milly asked, "She usually calls me if she needs help with something. I wonder what could it be." he said and answered his phone.

Shirley was at the pool with the rest of her team and with two members of the Rugby team gawking at them. "Roberto I need your help dealing with some perverts that won't leave us alone." said Shirley. "You want me to come deal with them?" asked Roberto. "Please. We told them to go away, but they are too busy picturing us naked. They even groped some of the girls." Shirley complained. "Tell the girls to go into the locker and grabbed anything that's able to knock someone out; in case things get out of hand. I'll be over there in a bit." Milly became worried. "Is Shirley alright?" she asked. "Just some perverts acting stupid." he answered.

All the girls went inside the locker room as instructed. As they were all in, some of them grabbed anything that was hard. "Okay girls we need to stay here until things are clear." Shirley told her team. Not all the members managed to make it however. One girl who was late for practice fell into the sights of the two Rugby players. "Now this one is a hottie." one of them said. "Please, just leave me alone. I'm late." she responded. She became afraid as the two tall and heavily built rugby players closed in. "Not after you give us a show, honey." another said. One grabbed her and the other started unbuttoning her clothes. "NO! Please let me go." She said as she struggled to get free. "C'mon baby, atleast dance for us." he said. Roberto came with his nephew. "Hey let her go." said Roberto. They looked at him and Roberto glared at the Rugby players. The two became cocky, thinking they can take down Roberto. "Well well well. What's this coyote doing here?" one said; releasing the girl. She ran away as fast as she can. "Hey feeble-minded fruit picker. How about you just walk away from this and we don't have to hurt you." He said.

The girl who was late for practice ran inside the locker room: crying. "Did those perverts hurt you?" Shirley asked. "Those boys from the Rugby club... tried to undress me." She cried and she fell on the floor. Shirley went to comfort her along with some of the other girls. "HEY SHIRLEY! THERE SOME PINHEADS WHO WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE!" Roberto yelled from the other side. Everyone was wondering what he meant, but they decided to go outside. They found Roberto in the middle of the the bloody, beaten Rugby players; kneeling down. The girls saw how badly beaten the Rugby players were and glared at Roberto. "They started to attack me, so I defended myself." said Roberto. The two Rugby players were shaking. Roberto walked in front of them. "Now you two owe these ladies an apology. Especially her since you violated her." Roberto pointed to the girl who they grabbed. "W-were sorry for disrespecting you girls." "Ya we're sorry for being pigs" They said. "Now I will notify Principle Ashford, their parents and the police," Roberto said, "This is why it is a sin to lust."

Later in that day; Roberto and his friend rallied at the trailer park and discussed about their findings. Tito was still next to Roberto, napping. "So what did we learn from the breakaway?" asked Roberto. Rojas glanced at him, then pulled out his computer. "Roberto, this find was very strange to us," Rojas said, activating his computer, "We managed to find hideout locations and weapons shipments, but we also found information about plastic surgeons here in Japan." Roberto became confused, he wondered why would they target plastic surgeons. "What do they want with plastic surgeons?" Carlos asked. As they were conjuring theories; a thought crossed Roberto's mind. "Espionage. That's got to be it." he said. After his remark, everyone focused their attention at him. "Espionage?" Marco repeated. "Yes that's the only explanation," Roberto got up and paced around, "I remember one group who use plastic surgery to hide their identities after committing acts of terrorism. What if they are trying to do the same?" Rojas understood where Roberto was getting at. "You that might be it." said Antonio.

Roberto's phone started ringing again. "Hello." Roberto answered. "R-Roberto..." It was Gina talking in a disgruntled voice. "Gina. Is something the matter?" Roberto asked worrying for Gina. "The Britannian Military and the JLF had a battle at Narita," said Gina, "Then the Black Knights came." Roberto became even more worried. "Gina are you and Ricardo alright?" Everyone was listening in and became worried themselves. "The Black Knights started a landslide and R-Ricardo... He got buried alive." Roberto was shocked, he tried to think of what to say, but his emotions were mixed with despair and anger. "Roberto he didn't make it. He's-he's dead." Gina sorrowfully said. "Just pray Gina. I'll- I'll be there to pick you up." said Roberto and he turned of his phone. "What happened Paladin?" asked Rojas. Roberto couldn't stand any longer, he fell to his knees crying. "Ricardo. The Black Knights killed my brother." They were all shocked to here. They ran to give Roberto comfort. "They said they were knights for justice. Where was justice in killing my brother: a messenger of Our Lord. ¿Dónde estaba la justicia en matar a mi hermano?" Roberto cried out.
Stage 8: How it all began

Eversince the Brotherhood of Lycans announced their rising; things have changed threw out Area 11. The Death of General Guerrero has forced Los Guerrero's into hiding. Publishers put Commander Knightwolf on the cover of magazines calling him a "Crusader for peace or Lycan Crusader." More Faithmarians came to fight in the Second Crusade, some also come to bring a Christian revival and aid those who suffer from the war. Even Elevens and Britannians decide to take up the sword and the gun to fight in the Second Crusade.

Roberto, Rojas, Marco, and Suzaku were in class together. Class has not started yet and Suzaku was sitting a couple seats away from Roberto while Rojas and Marco were side by side with him. " So your brother is coming tomorrow?" asked Rojas. Roberto digging in his bag glanced at him and shook his head. "Not only my brother but he is bringing his family along with him as well." said Roberto. "I'm telling ya mang because of the Brotherhood's uprising, there has been more Christian missionaries coming to Japan." said Marco. "Then it is a good thing. The Japanese can use more healing." answered Roberto.

Outside Paula was walking on the school courtyard, looking at a map. "Let's see, I'm at the courtyard, so the trailer park should be around." he said to himself. Paula continued to walk around to find what he was looking for. Soon some members of the Students Self Defense Force notice Paula. "What the hell is that Eleven doing here in Ashford Academy?" one member asked. "He's probably looking at his target." said another member, "Call for some more men, tell them we may have a terrorist."

As Roberto was taking his notes, Rojas fell asleep and Marco looked out the window. Marco saw Paula being surrounded by the Self Defense Force and tapped Roberto's shoulder. Roberto glanced and saw Paula. He woke up Marco. "C'mon Paula is in trouble." said Roberto. Rojas awoke and heard what Roberto is saying. Suzaku looked at Roberto and wondered what was going on. "Mr. Garcia! care to explain why you are disturbing my class?" said the teacher. "Sorry teach, but our friend is in danger and we have to help him." answered Roberto and he ran out. Marco and Rojas ran behind Roberto. Suzaku became worried and decided to tag along. "MR. KURURUGI COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" yelled the teacher.

They surrounded Paula with the intent to hurt him. "What the hell are you doing here eleven?" said the leader. Paula looked at him and tightened his fists. "I'm here to see a friend and for the record I'm Faithmarian man." Paula said. "Eleven or Faithmarian either way I still think you're up to something and we want to know what." Paula looked around, he knew that his words isn't getting through to the Self Defense Force. "I already told you why I'm here, now please let me through." said Paula. The leader became more mad at Paula's remark. "Oh so you think you're better then us." said another member as the close in on Paula. "HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO GO THREW WITH THIS?!" Yelled Roberto. He ran up to them. The Self Defense Force then became afraid of him; knowing of what he is capable of. Marco, Rojas, and Suzaku came too. The leader gritted his teeth and Glanced at Paula. "This isn't over you damn Eleven." he said and walked away. The rest of the Self Defense Force walked away and it was only Roberto, Suzaku, Marco, and Rojas. "You okay Paula?" asked Rojas. "I'm fine." answered Paula.

"C'mon girls, we need to think of a plan for Girls nights." said Milly. Milly and the rest of the girls; except for Shirley were in the council room. "We could try a bowling night." said Kallen. Shirley walked into the room. "Hey guys, did we make any progress for Girls Night?" asked Shirley. Kallen was carrying Arthur in her arms. "We thought about having a slumber party, but Nina thought we should go out for dinner instead." said Kallen. "Well I'm all in for the slumber party." said Shirley. "The boys have already decided to go bowling so we got to pick which one." said Milly. As they were discussing, Roberto, and some of the boys walked in. "Hey Milly." said Roberto. Paula soon walked in. Nina shrieked when she saw him. "E-Eleven." she said. Paula glanced at her and then glanced at the floor. Her legs wer shaking, Nina was trembling in fear. Milly and Shirly noticed and were concerned. "Um Nina how about you come outside?" said Milly. Nina shook her head , but continued to stare ghastly at Paula. Milly and Nina walked about of the room.

"I wonder what was that all about, I never seen her so afraid." said Shirley. "I know why she's afraid," said Paula and he sat down, "And she has every right to be afraid of me." "You need some alone time Paula?" "No I need you guys by my side for this." said Paula. Roberto stood behind him. Paula clutched his fists and looked through the window. "It was during the early years of the occupation, during those times the Japanese were in serious need of humanitarian aid and my uncle now a colonel in Los Lobos Santos; came to provide aid," said Paula, "I hanged with a group of older boys who were zealous; one of them had evil in his eyes. His name was Tanaka Nara. He hated all Britannian and always spoke about how the Japanese should resist and how the Britannians deserve the same treatment they've given to his people." Shirley sat next to Paula to listen closely. "While we were on what we called Patrol, Nina crossed paths with us. When Tanaka saw her, he became angry and and said She had to pay. The Guys grabbed her. I tried to reason with Tanaka to let her go, but he was filled with anger. They took her into and alley and they," Paula and looked at his fist "and they violated her." Shirley, Kallen and Suzaku were shocked to hear this. "So that is why Paula came to Ashford academy. It might also explained why he came to fight in the Second Crusade as well." Roberto thought in his mind. "Roberto we have to go." said Marco. Roberto shook his head and followed Marco out. "We'll talk more about this Paula. Adios." he said.

Soon Paula was with Shirley, Kallen, and Suzaku. Suzaku put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "Look Paula there was nothing you can do." he said. Paula looked at Suzaku and scolded at him. "How would you know? You wasn't there, but I saw the fear in her eyes." he said. Shirley sympathized with Paula and grabbed his hand. "Paula you shouldn't really carry this burden on you shoulders." she said. "Once you seen the same atrocities that you could have prevented, once you seen your own family point guns at innocent people, then you will understand how I feel." said Paula. Kallen walked towards Paula. "What do you mean when your own family points guns at innocent people?" she asked. Paula looked at her with and intense face. "My last name is Kusakabe. I am the nephew of the man who ordered his men to hold your friends hostage at Lake Kawaguchi." he said. Shirley was stunned and looked at him. "Now I remember you, you was at Lake Kawaguchi." said Shirley. "Sheesh I never knew Paula had that weight on his shoulders this whole time." said Marco. "I feel bad for Paula as well, but atleast he talking about it." said Roberto. They walked outside and were greeted by Carlos. "Hey Roberto, I got some stuff for ya." he said and handed him a flash drive. "toda la información está ahí." said Carlos and Roberto smiled.

Evening time came and the sun was beginning to set. The Boys were at a party being held at the campground. Rivalz, Lelouch, and Suzaku were at the party. "Wow Roberto this is one celebration, What's the occasion?" asked Rivalz. "We are just celebrating because God has been good to us; all this is in his name, so just keep it clean." said Roberto. Carlos was on the dance floor busting some moves, Rojas was chatting with some other friends, Antonio and Marco were the DJ's, Paula and Ernesto were playing video games and Roberto was just supervising things. "Hey Roberto, why are their only guys here?" asked Suzaku. "Even though it doesn't show, but some of the Britanniana muchachas don't want to be around us Faithmarians. Milly is having a slumber party with the girls and their are practically no Faithmarian chicka's here in Japan. Plus it's a party, we can be wild, but not too wild." answered Roberto

Everyone was enjoying themselves and soon came the pizza delivery man. Roberto saw him and pulled money out of his pocket. He walked towards the delivery guy. "Hey did you order two dozen boxes of pizza?" asked the delivery man. "Ya I did." said Roberto and he grabbed the pizzas and gave the delivery man the money. "Pizza is here muchacho's." said Roberto and he laid down the pizza's on a table. They all gathered around with empty plates in their hands. Roberto grabbed a box and brought it to his friends who were hungry. "Now that,s what we need. Food for our bellies." said Suzaku. "Eat up amigos, the night is young." answered Roberto and he opened the box. Lelouch was the first took a slice and started eating. Rojas, Carlos, Marco came. Paula brought over a box of soda's and Ernesto sat next to Lelouch.

"Looks like everyone here is having a good time." said Ernesto. "It is always a good time," said Carlos, "We are alive in good health, we made some good friends and Roberto met his blonde love interest." Roberto scolded at Carlos after his remark. Rivalz then remembered about Clovisland. "Hey Roberto by any chance do you remember about what happened at Clovisland?" he asked. Roberto looked at him and wondered. "Si. Los Guerreros took over and got their butts kicked by Comander Knightwolf." he answered. "Well while we was being held at gunpoint, their leader was looking for you. He even took Milly out of the crowd and Euphemia. I think his name was Diego." said Rivalz "Stop right there. Roberto doesn't have to answer any of these things." said Rojas. "No Rojas. Milly found out about Los Lobos Santos, it's only fair that they should know about this." said Roberto

He then took a sip of his soda. "Operation Break Point, I was 15 and patriotic when I first met Diego Vega. He was a mercenary back then." Roberto said as he looked back when he was a young Faithmarian marine in Los Lobos Santos. "Roberto, wake up my friend, this mission is a go." said Deigo. "Operation Break Point was a mission only given to Los Lobos Santos. Our mission was to assassinate military leaders, Britannian government officials and members of the royal family in hopes of Britannia to crumble. We were sent to kill the third Princess of Britannia; Euphemia." Roberto and Diego crawled through mud and grass. Roberto then heard chattering from afar. "Ssssshhhhh" Roberto hand signaled Diego that there was a Britannian patrol up ahead and they both activated their cloaking devices. "Diego and I were like brothers, we had each others backs." The patrol passed by them with out even seeing them. "Britannians are so stupid. C'mon the palace is just up ahead." said Diego. They crawled over a hill and saw the Royal Palace. Roberto pulled out a digital map. He pressed a button and a visual skimatic of the palace showed. "Okay, 'here's how it is going down. I'll take care of the Princess, you set the charges on the security outposts." said Roberto. Diego shook his head and went away. Roberto looked at the window seeing a light turn off.

"Their security was nothing compared to our training, so it was easy for me to infiltrate." Roberto sneaked inside the room where his target was asleep. Silently, he crept closer to her. Pulling out his knife, he looked over her and was shocked to see that his target was a 12 year old girl. "Our intel told us that Princess Euphemia was a leader of Britannian Special Forces in her early twenties, but instead our target was a child. I was ready to kill her." Roberto gulped and he covered her mouth. Euphemia woke up in shock and she desperately tried to make Roberto let go. She kicked her legs wildly, she tried screaming, but Roberto had her silenced. She then gave up resisting and looked at Roberto. He saw the fear in Euphemia's eyes and Roberto felt even more reluctant. "Los Lobos Santos trained me to inflict fear in the eyes of my enemies, but what I saw was not the fear of the enemy, but of innocence." Raising his knife, Roberto contemplated killing her. Euphemia started resisting again and then she closed her eyes. "As I had my knife raised, I heard God speaking to me. He told me that I am a soldier of Faithmaria, not a monster." Roberto couldn't bring himself to do it, he then lowered his knife. Euphemia opened her eyes and saw what he was doing. Roberto let her go. "I'm sorry." he said to her. Euphemia sat up and felt relieved, but wondered about him. "Let me see your face." she said. Roberto looked threw his darkened lenses of his mask and saw that she was no longer afraid of him.

Roberto took of his mask and revealed his face to Euphemia. She looked into his eyes. "You don't look like those monsters I saw on TV," said Euphemia and she touched his face. "You look human." Roberto blushed. "I have to go." he said. "Diego abort the mission our intel was wrong." Roberto said through his communicator. "Negative we must continue with the mission," answered Diego, "Assassinate the princess." Roberto argued. "I will not kill a 12 year old girl. I'm aborting." said Roberto and he jumped out the window. After hearing his response; Diego became angry and ran towards their rendezvous point. "I decided to let her live, but Diego wanted blood." Making it to their Rendezvous point, other Los Lobos Santos soldiers awaited for them. Coming out of the bushes, Roberto and Diego signaled their comrades who they were. "Has the Third Princess been executed?" one soldier asked. "No, our intel was wrong. Princess Euphemia li Britannia is a little girl, not a military leader." said Roberto. Diego removed his mask revealing his scarred face. "You still should have killed her. She is the enemy." Diego argued. Roberto wanted to know who was it that supplied the information. "Who was it that gave us that bull crap intel?" he asked. "Diego was the one who supplied." said the soldier. Roberto couldn't believe his ears. "Diego lied in his report and try to have me killed someone who wasn't even involved in the war." He looked back at Diego wanting to know why. "¿Por qué? ¿Por qué probaste a matar a un niña?" Roberto demanded Diego. Diego looked at Roberto and didn't saw a word. "ANSWER ME!" demanded Roberto, but Diego said nothing. "I looked into his eyes and I saw anger and bitterness inside of him, just as he walked passed me."

"That mission was the last time I ever saw Vega. Can't say I'm surprised he joined Los Guerrero's." said Roberto. "Wow Roberto I never knew." said Rivalz. After the war ended, Britannian guerrillas attacked our camp. We thought Diego was killed in a grenade explosion. Guess he's still out there plotting God knows what." said Rojas. "But wait Roberto, Diego had Euphemia dragged in front of everyone. What is she to you?" asked Suzaku. "Euphemia and I are close friends now." Roberto answering Suzaku's question. As they were talking; Shirley was looking out the second story window from the girls dormitory. "Looks like the boys are having a good time." she said. "Boys will be boys." said Milly. They girls were having a slumber party and they all were in their sleeping apperal. Kallen grabbed a slice of pizza and took a bite. Nina was on her computer typing. "Alright girls type to pick a game to play." said Milly. Everyone gathered into a circle. Milly pulled out a coin and showed it to the group. "If it's heads we play truth or dare, but if it's tails we have a pillow fight." Milly flipped the coin. Spinning in the air, it landed on the floor. It was heads. "Truth or Dare it is then." said Shirley. they circled around an empty soda bottle. "I'll go first." said Kallen and she spin the bottle. As it spun around; they anxiously waited to see who would be the one. It began to slow down. "Oh please don't pic me." Shirley thought to herself, "Knowing Milly she is going to make me talk about Lelouch." soon the bottle stopped and it pointed at Milly.

"Oh My." she said. Shirley was relieved, Kallen smiled at Milly, and Nina giggled a little. "Alright Miss President. Truth or dare?" Shirley smirked. Milly pondered on what to choose. She smirked; enjoying the game already. "I think I'll pick truth." said Milly. "How did you and Roberto really meet?" said Shirley. Milly was stunned a little; she didn't want to get into any details. "We met at a party when we were children alright." she said. "Milly you have to tell us more about it." Kallen demanded. Milly felt a bit nervous as the girls were pressuring her to talk. "Okay okay I'll talk I'll talk." Milly succumbing to the pressure. Everyone closed in to here the story. "I was a little girl at a formal party, I first met Roberto there." Milly recalling memories of when she was a little girl.

"I was playing with the other kids, but Roberto wasn't." Playing tag with the other kids, she was running around, excited. "Come around guys. We have to start all over." said the big kid. Milly was wearing a pink dress, she had longer hair in a ponytail. She was closer to the big kid. "This time we are going to play hide and seek and Milly's it." he said. "Yay I'm it I'm it." Milly said happily. "Alright count to ten and no peeking." the big kid demanded. "I was it, so I had look for everyone." Milly finished counting and started looking for the other kids. She ran into to woods, hoping to find some of the other kids. She looked and looked, but it seemed that there was no one in the woods. "I decided to try and look in the woods, but I couldn't find anyone."Maybe they all hid in Mr and Mrs. Wallis house." she said to himself. As she walked away, she heard someone crying. Milly looked around, wondering who it was. "I heard what sounded like a little boy crying, so I went to investigate." The young Milly look as she drew closer to the crying sound. She stumbled upon a small lake. Milly gazed at the waters and then she heard the crying again. She looked and saw a little boy sitting down covering his head, crying. "That was the first time I ever saw Roberto." Milly walked towards him as he cried. "Why are you crying?" asked Milly. The little boy looked at her with his teary eyes. "No one wants to play with me." He answered. Milly felt sorry for him, she felt like she had to do something.

Milly smiled at him and said to him "I'll play with you." The little boy looked at her, seeing her smile at her. He blushed. "Apparently when G.E.L's are born, they are born in their anthro forms and it takes years for them to learn how to turn to their human forms. You should've seen how cute he looked with those wolf ears and his tail." He took his hands of his head revealed his wolf ears. Milly marveled at them. "Hahaha doggie ears." she said and she tugged at them. "The little boy grabbed her hands. "Stopped that they're not dog ears, they're wolves." He said. She giggled. "My name is Milly Ashford, whats your name?" she asked. He felt nervous, he tried to speak, but stuttered. "My-my name is Roberto Garcia." he said. Milly was happy to here and she grabbed his hands. "C'mon Roberto lets go find the others." she said as she tugged. Roberto wiped away the tears in his eyes and ran with her.

"Roberto's mom and my parents met each other that day as well. So we were able to stay in touch with each other until the Second Holy War." said Milly. The girls were pleased to here her story. Closing to midnight. Everyone was leaving the party. "Alright guys see ya later." Roberto said to his friends. He went inside his trailer and took out his laptop and pulled a flash drive that Carlos gave him. Plugging it in the USB jack, he looked through files of new recruit and information on terrorist group. As he searched he pulled up a file on Diego Vega. "He is up to something, but what?" Roberto thought to himself.


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