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C'mon Sango, don't be shy by sanlobo
C'mon Sango, don't be shy
Kagome: C'mon Sango don't be shy, you look great in your bathing suit.
Sango: Um I'm not so sure about this Kagome, I fell ridiculous.
Kagome: That swim suit is perfect for you and Sanlobo might even think you pretty in it.
Sango: I'm still not comfortable about this.

Soon Sanlobo was walking by and he say Kagome and Sango. Sango saw Roberto sand hid behind Kagome.

Sanlobo: Sango? Kagome? It's nice to see you two here.
Kagome: Hey Sanlobo, what are you up to?
Sanlobo: I was actually going to go get some ice cream; I'm in the mood for some cookies and cream ice cream sundae with peanut buttercup pieces.
Kagome: You always had a sweet tooth San.
Sanlobo: What's up with Sango?
Kagome: She's just a little shy.
Sanlobo: C'mon Sango you know me. How about you and I go get some ice cream together? My treat.
Sango: Well I guess some ice cream wouldn't hurt.

Sango came from behind Kagome and revealed herself to Sanlobo.

Sanlobo: you look lovely in that swimsuit.
Sango: Really? Thanks.
Sanlobo: C'mon let's get some ice cream mama.

Sango and Sanlobo the walked beside each other to go get some ice cream. Sango grabbed his arm and was happy. Kagome was smirking at them from behind.

Kagome: I told you he will like it Sango.

Anime Style Daytime Beach

the vector I just on a website that wasn't in English. Oh and ShadowNinja if you are reading this, I give you some credit because some of your work gave this idea.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
Stage 11: Full moon is for the hunt.

Weeks have passed since the Battle of Narita has happened, Roberto and his friends were at the Brotherhood HQ: discussing whether it is a good idea to go to war with the Black Knights. "We need to go to war with the Black Knights. We must hit Zero where it hurts." said Ernesto. "But Zero has been attacking terror groups and mafias dealing in Refrain," said Rojas. "And has also put innocent people in the line of fire. Narita was an excellent example of his tactics." argued Carlos. "In war there will always be collateral damage, we all seen this first hand." said Paula. "Only this is not war, this is insurgency at its height. If the Black Knight were truly fighting for justice then why did those people in Narita have to die?" said Antonia. "I agree with Antonio. Zero should have taken measures to prevent that." said Marco. Roberto has remained quiet the time. He sat and listened to all their arguments. "What do you think Commander?" asked Rojas. Roberto looked intently at him. "We send a warning first, we give them 24 hours, if they don't then we hit them in the abandoned subway tunnels. That is where they are moving weapons and supplies." said Roberto. "I already sent the video to the news station. I know for a fact they can't resist." said Paula.

Paula was right. The Media played the video that he sent and it has made headlines. People began to wonder whether Zero or Commander Knightwolf will prevail over the other. Even Zero himself; was watching the Brotherhood of Lycans warning, became concern the Knightwolf will interfere with his goals. As Zero and his followers watched on their TV, thy began to converse among themselves. "So the Brotherhood sees us as their enemies." said Ohgi. Kallen looked at the screen and became worried. "I heard that three of their members were buried in the landslide." she said. Meanwhile back at the Brotherhood HQ; Commander Knightwolf was overseeing Dominic training the new recruits. While looking Rojas came to tell him of a very important message. As Rojas whispered, Knightwolf quietly said "What kind of weapons are they moving?" "Burui's." said Rojas. "Assemble a team. We strike tonight." said Knightwolf

Night time came and the Black Knights were moving weapons and supplies through the abandon subway tunnels. Knightwolf holding his assault rifle crept through the darkness along with his strike team. using their cloaking devices; the dark became their best ally. Soon in front of them a convoy of trucks drove with their headlights shining bright, the convoy belong to the Black Knights. "Here they come, get ready." said Knightwolf. As the convoy closed in; Knightwolf fired the first shots. "KATKATKAT" sound of gunfire echoed through the tunnel. "WHO THE HELL ATTACKING US?!" yelled one of the convoy drivers. They came to fast and the convoy became surrounded. "GET OUT OF THE VAN! GET OUT NOW!" Knightwolf yelled at the driver. Angered, he submissively got out of the van. "Freakin animals." the Black Knight driver grunted. " Commander Knightwolf looked and saw the rest of the Black Knight corpses being counted. Knightwolf turned to the sole survivor and said "Looks like you the last one to live," clocking his pistol he pointed it towards his head, "Tell Zero what you have seen and what we are capable of." said Knightwolf

Morning came and Lelouch was on his phone; he got irritated at what he was hearing. "How did the Brotherhood know when our weapons convoy was coming?" said Lelouch. Roberto came into the Student Council Room. Lelouch looked at him, "I'll have to call you back." he said and hanged up. Suzaku came in after Roberto. Arthur walked towards Suzaku and meowed. "So how was everything going for you fellas?" asked Roberto. Suzaku felt glad that Roberto asked. "Everything is going well," he said, "there 's no classes for today so we can hangout." Roberto laid back on the sofa and turned on the TV. "In other news a Black Knight convoy was attacked, possibly by the Brotherhood of Lycans. Bodies of Black Knight members were found by vans that were set on fire and by what looks like a paw print with a sword in the middle. an insignia used by the Brotherhood," Roberto changed the channel and said "What else is on?" As he browse through channels, thoughts about the Black Knights and the B.O.L came to Suzaku's and Lelouch's mind. Roberto looked at them and asked "Something the matter with you two?" I was just wondering about the Brotherhood Roberto, I mean why would they attack the Black Knights?" said Lelouch. "All I know is the Zero put innocent people in the line of fire," said Roberto, "Guess the Brotherhood just had enough." Suzaku had mixed emotions about the Brotherhood. "Roberto I'm not to sure about the Brotherhood, It looks like they are taking the law into their own hands and they use God to justify these acts." said Suzaku. Roberto became upset at what he heard. "Suzaku Killing in the name of God is blasphemous, it goes against what Jesus Christ: may He forever be glorified, has taught us. The Bible does say He who lives by the sword will die by it," Roberto said to Suzaku "Understand this even though it's called a crusade, but this war against terror is not being fought for religious reasons rather it's a sense of duty."

Nighttime came again, and this time the Brotherhood found a compound owned Black Knights. Commander Knightwolf had his strike team armed with Perez anti tank rifles and Mustang Miniguns. Looking through his binoculars; Knightwolf saw his targets moving around. "Alright we have five minutes to take out this compound," Knightwolf said to Rojas "Commence firing. Fire at will." said Knightwolf said through his walkie-talkie. "POW POW POW POW POW" sounds of the Perez ring to his ears as he watched the compound being demolished by the explosions. Inside the compound they Black Knights tried to evacuate, some died from explosions that went through the walls. "WHO THE HELL IS ATTACKING!?" "WE HAVE TO GET OUR SHIPMENTS OUT OF HERE!" two members yelled before they were engulfed by flames. "Minigun units to begin firing." Knightwolf ordered. "Sounds of the Mustang Miniguns firing became just as loud as the Perez shots. Rounds from the Mustangs pierced through the walls; anyone who was caught in the crossfire got dismembered. "BUDABUDABUDABUDABUDABUDA" The minguns continued to spit leaded death on their targets. Knightwolf looked at his watch and saw that it has been close to five minutes. "Alright lets pack up. Dismantle the Mustangs and get back to the trucks. We'll leave our flag as our calling card." he said.

Meanwhile inside what was left in the compound, blood covered corpses either burning or dismembered and destroyed vehicles were covering the ground. Very few survived the attack. slowly one by one survivor came out of cover or we buried under the corpses of their comrads. Their were only six of them still alive but were in a state of shock seeing their friends lifeless bodies surrounding them. "This-this is madness." said one of the survivors.

As they made back to their HQ, Commander Knightwolf looked at the full moon, pondering on his next course of actions. "Knowing Zero he will try to tracks us to this place." he thought to himself. pulling in front of the HQ entrance Knightwolf exited his vehicle and looked around. "Commander is something wrong?" asked Rojas. "We need to move first thing in the morning, consider this base compromised." he answered Rojas agreed and spread the orders. Knightwolf looked back at the full moon. "Full moon is for the hunters." he said and he got inside his car and drove off.
I had not one but two thanksgiving dinners, now I am as stuff as a turkey. 

Happy thanksgiving to all and to all have lots of turkey, Be thankful for what God has done, all the blessing you received and have some fun time with family and friends. I'm thankful that I am still alive, still healthy, and have people beside me.


Roberto Garcia
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Well I'm a christian, I like anime and manga and I'm very creative.

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