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Code Geass Euphemia wallpaper by sanlobo
Code Geass Euphemia wallpaper
The vector I believe I got them from, enjoy.
Stage 14: Risk

Inside the G-1 mobile base, Cornelia was infuriated, having failed to eradicate the terrorist who have control of Ashfrod Academy Gymnasium, and several buildings close to the front entrance. The fact that Los Guerrero's has a nuclear weapon in a heavy populated area has her thinking hard of her next course of action. Euphemia oversaw her sisters behavior and began to feel a sudden chill streaming down her back. "Your highness, we must evacuate the Tokyo settlement." said Darlton. "But if we were to do that Los Guerrero's will set of the S.E.G.F.A.D and millions will perish, including us." said Euphemia. "Even after General Guerrero's death; Los Guerrero's leadership has grown stronger and their tactics have evolved into something more sinister then we can ever imagine," said Guilfurd, "During the skirmish, they have set up booby traps that has killed hundreds of unarmed civilians along with our soldiers, they even killed two generals." "So then what do we do now, sit around and do nothing?" Darlton answered. Cornelia was still trying to figure out this obstacle she was facing.

Meanwhile the Black Knights and the Brotherhood of Lycans were preparing for battle. Commander Knightwolf observing a large crate being carried out of one of his Vulchter VTOL gunship. "A special weapon Commander?" said Zero. "Yes, a weapon that will give us an advantage against Los Guerrero's." Commander Knightwolf. The crate was opened and in it was a large, black colored missile with a blood red warhead. "Say hola to the Blackout Missile," said Commander Knightwolf and he patted its hull, "This missile will send out an electromagnetic pulse that will wipe out power in a thirty mile radius, it can take out that S.E.G.F.A.D along with knightmares, even their communications." "This weapon seems to be a risk commander." said Zero. "It is, but it is our only hope." Commander Knightwolf argued.

A B.O.L soldier approached them. "Sir, the Gideon’s are here." said the B.O.L soldier. "Excellente, we are going to need them." Zero was curious from hearing that. "Gideon’s?" Zero asked. "What was that weapon you offered? The Raiko? We have something better," said Commander Knightwolf, "You'll see them during the battle." All his commanding officers aligned themselves in formation in front of Commander Knightwolf and Zero; Rojas, Carlos, Marco, Ernesto, Paula, and Dominic stood at attention and waited for orders. Commander Knightwolf turned towards Zero. "Zero during the assault I better not here that you have attacked civilians or the military, because if you do then I will deal with you personally." Commander Knightwolf threatened Zero.

Los Guerrero's has taken over several residential and office buildings in a six block radius. The streets were littered with destroyed Knightmares and tanks, lifeless bodies of Britannian soldiers, Los Guerrero operatives and Britannina civilians who were unfortunate was scattered throughout the street. Buildings and cars that were caught in the skirmish were either ablaze or riddled with bullet holes. Los Guerrero's barricaded the streets they have taken over with trucks and have their Sutherlands and Guardian Angels guarding their outposts. A group of captured Britannian soldiers stood in front of a firing squad. "You brits know why you're here? It is because of your crimes." said one operative before the firing squad killed the captured soldiers.

Cornelia was still pondering an attack plan, but it seemed impossible to achieve victory. "Viceroy we are still negotiating to release the women and children; however, they are standing firm on their demands." said one of her officers. "If we show them any weakness, then we are telling them that it is okay to commit terrorism." Cornelia said disdainfully. "Then do we use attack on all sides?" asked Darlton. "That action has already proven to be a failure and they already threaten to detonate the S.E.G.F.A.D if we were to retaliate." said Guilfurd. Cornelia grunted from those remarks. "We have to do something now." Cornelia thought to herself. As she pondered her next course of action, a transmission came from an unknown source. "Viceroy we're receiving a message from an outside source." said an officer. From aggressive to curious, she wondered who was sending the transmission. "Play the transmission." ordered Darlton. The played the transmission and on the transponder screen appeared Commander Knightwolf and Zero sitting next to each other. Everyone in the command center gasped. "Viceroy Cornelia we have something that will assist you in taking out the S.E.G.F.A.D." said Commander Knightwolf. Cornelia was angered by the very image of them. "What makes you think I will need assistance from a vigilante and a terrorist?" Cornelia angrily said. "Cornelia, the Sakuradite Empowered Ground Force Annihilation Device was first used in the battle of Louisiana," said Zero, "From what I understand, that same device is being used in this attack and all of your attempts to eradicate the terrorist and to retrieve the S.E.G.F.A.D has were inadequate," Cornelia gritted her teeth, "Now you have only two options: either let us assist you in defeating Los Guerreros or let a portion of the Tokyo Settlement become a nuclear wasteland." Zero explained.

Cornelia gritted her teeth even tighter, she felt that this was humiliation that she was unable to achieve victory. "I refuse to..." but Cornelia was interrupted by Euphemia, "Commander Knightwolf, what exactly is your plan?" Euphemia asked. Cornelia was mortified from hearing her question. "The plan that we have in mind is to fire an EMP missile on Los Guerrero's, rendering their Knightmares, their S.E.G.F.A.D, communications, radar useless; however, there is a risk." said Commander Knightwolf. "A risk?" Euphemia reiterated. "Yes, the EMP will knockout power within a thirty mile radius and since you're within that radius, it will also affect your forces." Commander Knightwolf explained. "If that is the case, will you give me your word that you or the Black Knights will not attack any of our military personal?" asked Euphemia. "You have our word your highness." said Zero and the transmission stopped.

After they sent their transmission to the viceroy, Commander Knightwolf and Zero went their separate ways. The thought that Los Guerrero's has a nuclear device still lingers in his mind. One of his Alpha Paladins stood behind him. "What is it Rojas?" said Commander Knightwolf. Rojas looked around to see if no one was close enough to listen. "Can I speak with you in private?" he asked. Commander Knightwolf nodded and they both walked to somewhere seclude. "This does not add up, General Guerrero is dead; yet, Los Guerrero's maintains a strong leadership Roberto." said Rojas. "Look I see where you are coming from and I have deduced a theory on who is commanding Los Guerrero's: Diego Vega," said Roberto, "He did escape and he was second in command, so it will make sense." "Yes that maybe true, but how did they get their hands on a super weapon?" asked Rojas. "We'll get our answers soon, we need to plan out our attack." Roberto answered. After their small debriefing, they went towards the Vultcher VTOL.
Alpha Paladin by sanlobo
Alpha Paladin
The Alpha Paladin is the commanding officer in the Brotherhood of Lycans. The Alpha Paladins are the first members of the Brotherhood of Lycans and the most loyal subordinates to Commander Knightwolf. Despite the fact that the Brotherhood of Lycans do have a wolf pack combined with Knighthood ranks, no one can earn the title of Alpha Paladin.

Known to hold Alpha Paladin
Rojas Clemente
Carlos Guerra
Dominic Torres
Ernesto Rodriguez
Paula Kusakabe
Stage 13: Heart wounds

Roberto still suffered from the loss of his brother, the memories that he from childhood lingers in his mind. Even while he was in class, he could not focus: all he could think was his brother and those who were close to him that died. Milly noticed that he was depressed and she was genuinely concerned for him. As class ended walked, alone in the hallway. He stooped in the middle of the empty hallway and looked out the window. He glared. He kept asking himself why he was fighting and who was he fighting for. Milly walked behind him, wondering whether to talk to him or not. "I know you are behind me Milly. I have the nose of the wolf." Roberto said sadly. "I'm worried about you Roberto, you've been acting strange lately." said Milly. Like Lelouch, Roberto has also been skipping classes for his part of his alter ego Commander Knightwolf. He walked away as Milly.

Inside the chapel, Roberto kneel before the Alter and prayed. "Oh God, Almighty God, why have you place this burden on my shoulders? Why do I have the will to fight and protect other people Lord? Why did my brothers and my friends have to die when I fight to protect? Holy Father I come before you because I need to know, please forgive me of my transgressions for I was angry and thirsted for blood and give me the will to forgive those who have murdered people who were close to me. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen." Roberto got back on his feet and turned around. He saw his comrades who chose to fight alongside him: Rojas, Carlos, Marco, Ivan, Paula, Ernesto, and Antonio. "Milly told me that you been depressed mang" said Rojas. "Si, we are also worried about you as well." said Carlos.

"For the past few days it's been hard on me guys." Roberto answered. They all had dark clouds hovering over them. Losing friends and family has become a usual loss for the Brotherhood, but the pain left from the loss was heartfelt for many. They all suffered losses and they all felt that pain. "I sometimes wonder if we are making a difference. Whether we have made achievements since we joined the Second Crusade." said Roberto. Hearing those words made them worry. Rojas was understood what those words meant and walked up to Roberto. "We chose fight alongside you, because we wanted to protect people." said Rojas. "That is why you chose to fight as well Roberto," said Carlos, "and we’ll all chose our destiny when we decided to fight alongside you and we are staying to the end." After hearing those words Roberto regain a little bit of hope. "We got a message from Zero, he wants to negotiate a treaty." said Marco. He was surprised a little; Roberto was thinking that it may be a trap. "Then let us go, if it is a trap the Brotherhood of Lycans will be prepared." said Roberto.

On the outskirts of Tokyo is where the meeting between the Brotherhood of Lycans and the Black Knights is being held. Zero along with his subordinates with their faces hidden behind their purple visors waited for him. "Zero, why do you wish to make amends with the Brotherhood?" said one of his subordinates. "Because if the B.O.L derive from ex-Los Lobos Santos super soldiers, then we are dealing with a fighting force that has put Britannia to its knee's before Kallen," said Zero, "It is better to destroy your enemies by befriending them." Moments later three armored cars pulled up. "Looks like they are here." said Zero.

"Commander Knightwolf, a pleasure to meet you're acquaintance."  Zero said as Commander Knightwolf approached him. "I would like to say the same thing Zero, but I'm more interested in what you have to offer for this treaty." Commander Knightwolf answered. "Yes, but before we discuss our terms I must ask you, what exactly is the Brotherhood fighting for?" Zero asked. "We are fighting to end terrorism and to protect those who have been victimized by this unholy reign." Commander Knightwolf answered.

While they were negotiating, Carlos and Rojas observed from inside their armored car. "You think Zero is going to agree to the terms we have for them?" Rojas asked. "I doubt it, the Black Knights have proven themselves to be a powerful fighting force, they not going to go like that." Carlos answered. Paula and Ernesto were observing from another armored car. "I really hope he knows what he is doing." said Paula. "Of course he knows, he is Commander Knightwolf." said Ernesto.

Meanwhile at Ashford Academy, almost every female student and faculty worker were in the gymnasium having a gathering. Milly; wearing her inaugural gown was up on stage. "I like to thank each and every one of you girls for coming to the Ashford Annual Girls only meeting for gender equality." she said through the microphone. The whole audience applauded. As audience calmed down, Milly began to speak again. "Today we will be discussing..." Loud noises of tires screeching from outside interrupted her. The screeching drew closer, everyone began to wonder what was going on outside. In the matter of moments, trucks crashed through the walls. Everyone started clamoring from the trucks crashing in. The hulls from trucks collapses outward and red colored Sutherlands rolled out, along with Los Guerrero's foot soldiers.

"So, what do you say Commander? The conditions of this deal is fair and you'll see that it will benefit your faction as well." said Zero. "This is not a deal, this is a bribe, an insult," said Commander Knightwolf, "You are offering a weapon that I already have and a cash bonus. The deal I'm offering is simple, compensate the families that had loved ones killed in Narita or war continues." The situation was not going in Zero's favor, he was taking in pressure from Commander Knightwolf. Suddenly, Rojas wearing his uniform, with his face hidden came up to Roberto. "This better be good Alpha Paladin." Rojas felt reluctant to tell him, but Commander Knightwolf had to know. "Los Guerrero's has launched another assault," said Rojas, "And it is started in Ashford." Alarmed from this Zero and Commander Knightwolf looked at Rojas. "Has the military engaged with them, but there has been heavy casualties both civilian and military.” said Rojas. “At a time like this,” Commander Knightwolf grunted. “Perhaps we can be of assistance.” said Zero.

Feeling skeptical by his offer, Commander Knightwolf wanted to refuse. “Why do you want to assist us?” he asked. “I cannot compensate those who lost loved ones in Narita, but at least I can make up for what I have done.” Zero answered. “Wanting to redeem your sins by saving lives.” Commander Knightwolf thought. “Commander it may be wise to accept their assistance, Los Guerrero’s has attacked with a massive fighting force, largest we ever seen and it gets worse, they have a S.E.G.F.A.D.” said Rojas. Alarmed by this information, it felt that something had to be done. “Zero if you aid us in battle then I will consider coming to terms.” said Knightwolf. Zero nodded his head.
Games I'm hoping to get in a few months. 

Dead or alive: Last round and the add-ons

Anarchy reigns

COD: advanced warfare

Battlefield: Hardline

Hopefully I'll be ably to get those games
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